The Stew

Youssef: "When I was in the subway, in my previous life, I dreamed that I could undress women in the reflection of the windows. My reflection would raise my hand and caress the reflection of the woman behind me who pretended not to feel anything. But she felt nothing. It was her reflection that was reactive. I did not feel anything. I was moving my reflection in the glass like a distant puppet. But I was convinced that it would make a difference."


The Bloody Queen cooks. She prepares a homemade stew adapted to the local sauce. A revolutionary dish based on mountain goat that gives strength and invisibility.


Outside, we hear the screams of a man. It's as if reality is a rewound movie of what they were experiencing at that moment.


The guests are few. They have code names. Ahmed, Youssef, Rodrigo. 


The Bloody Queen explains: "A group of schoolgirls see a guy coming down the street, displaying his... you know what I mean... his purple, crumpled thing like a prehistoric mushroom, living at the bottom of the ocean... well, he opens his coat... One of the schoolgirls faints, and another screams and cries and calls out to her mother and her mother's gods. Another one is indifferent. Another takes out a knife and cuts the thing. My question is, who is guilty in this story?" 


She serves the gray stew. Outside, we hear the sounds of poor and numerous families. The Bloody Queen has to change countries again. She must travel in all directions to be forgotten. She is like a recalcitrant pinball that won't go through the flashing Mossad gate. 


Youssef says: "The culprit is that guy with the severe dick. We'll probably erect a statue in his honor." 


Ahmed says: "The police arrive on the scene and arrest the schoolgirl who fainted. It’s a misinterpretation." 


Rodrigo says: "The others told lies. The man is innocent. He is a capitalist pig who communicates telepathically with the police pig." 


The Bloody Queen says: "Who wants more stew?"


Then they fell silent, going over the plan of action for their next mission in their imagination. To take an embassy staff hostage to free a comrade. The words had fallen into the now lukewarm stew. "Everyone's consciousness is flat. A huge surface. Like a landing strip in the night." The smell of stew between the four walls is like a disproportionate room with no exterior.